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We believe your bell to be a #3 C.S. Bell Company bell with a non C.S. Bell Company upright. That is to say the shape of the upright does not match the 1886 patterns. Often the bell, yoke, clapper & crank were saved after the upright was lost or broken. Never the less, it appears to be a fine upright and if it fits the other bell parts it is a match. You would want to mount your upright on a 4×6 post with lag bolts and secure the post so the bell will be able to swing freely in the upright. You could sand blast your bell, wire brush it or in some way remove the loose paint if you wish to re-paint. We use a quality machinery black enamel for our bells, however, your purpose is to protect the crystal metal from the elements so you could paint or, give it a yearly coat of WD-40 If you wish to maintain the metal patina. Give us a shout if we can be of any assistance. We are Prindle Station Bells. We have patterns original to the C.S. Bell Company dating to 1886. Look us up at http://www.prindlestation.com
Sandra Wilson-Prindle Station Bells