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Interesting Deb!
It would make sense, and explain the bell decorations, but I do have some questions. (While some what generally familiar with US history, I am not fully conversant with it as I am not from or in the United States.)

My understanding is the ‘right hand in shirt’ pose is pretty predominantly Napoleon as he was having medical issues, and the half moon hat is the french style. The US did have a similar style but, and I am on shaky ground here, it was more of a crushed cowboy hat outline that was worn with the narrow section running front to back rather than side to side as the French did.

I believe most figural bells like this are based upon some recognizable famous pose by the individual, usually a painting. I have been searching for Wellington poses and have been unable to find one yet that looked like this. A fair bit of him on horses but not standing in this pose. Quite a few of Napoleon in this pose though.

Could it be a mated design from two different bells? I managed to find another bell similar to this and am working to purchase it so that I can compare them. It is called a Napoleon bell by it’s seller.