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Good observation!

I too looked at that. But my understanding was that the ‘hand in the jacket’ was due to an intestinal ailment he had later on in his life. The pressure he was applying apparently helped alleviate the pain. So it is entirely possible to have earlier ones with out the ‘typical’ hand in the jacket pose.

Also the English adopted the ‘fore and aft’ style of wearing the hat, the French did the ‘side to side’ form. It’s possible that the figure is Nelson, but the details seem out for that too, then.

I know I have seen this one in my books, but think I can find it right now? –< sigh >– 😥

I ‘think’ from the mounting bar of the clapper, that this is a fairly old bell. Later bells (and correct me if I am wrong please!) used staples then screwed in eye bolts. The ‘bar across the top’ method would appear to be much more labor intensive and indicative to me of an early bell when labor was cheap.

I’ll keep looking!