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Great Oscar!

It’s good that we were able to help. As you yourself mentioned, these are a rarity. Given that they are mounted to the UNDERSIDE of carriages and steps, on vehicles that ran mostly on unpaved roads… Can you imagine the mud and corrosion on the innards? The mud would cake on them too. So I suspect that the ‘warning bell’ function likely was soon moved to a bell mounted higher up. The “Step Stool” type mounting was probably more of a luxury item for the aristocracy so I doubt that there were many made for that use!

All that means is that these bells likely had a limited run (not many made) and those that were made – most were probably damaged by debris and water from the underside. This would, to me, indicate a low survival rate for these items.

As far as e-bay is concerned, they do turn up from time to time – just not very often. The photo I provided to you is actually one I bought from e-bay last month.