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Louise was the original “Multi-tasker”; she could simultaneously write a dozen personal letters, look at passing scenery from the moving car and carry on a conversation at the same time. She and Bob were very “Laid Back” and could entertain 30 ABA members from around the country, keep track of 7 kids and never get flustered. They always managed to pack the kids in the old station wagon, tie their luggage to the roof and get to the annual Convention on time. For those who knew Louise, they will remember her excentricities and how much the ABA has lost. Her nearly 50 years as Bell Tower Editor was extremely important to the growth and prosperity of the ABA as a collectors’ group in the 1950s-1970s. For those of us who knew her, her passing will leave a great hole in our lives. She and Bob are now together again and I’m sure will be looking down on the ABA with the love and support that they always exhibited in life. When Emil Huddy cast a “one of a kind bell” with a blacksmith forging a spear into a plowshare, he captured their love of al mankind perfectly. Louise, you will be missed more than you ever thought.
Harry & Louise Long