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Charles Romero has asked me to post this tribute to Louise for him:

I just finished reading the article on Louise Collins (RIP). I just checked out my three Blue covered ABA H/B Volumes & the 1970 25th Anniversary issue @ the very back, there is a beautiful photo of Louise Collins! I purchased these 3 volumes @ a Thrift Shop about 1994+/-.

Just out of the blue I asked a friend last year to look-up ABA on his computer, & lo & behold, bingo! I hit the jack-pot! We found the web site (ABA) right away! I purchased my own P. C. & what wonders the Worldwide web has shown me! I have been in contact with bell collectors in England, Canada, & Australia, the land down under… I am a 1+ year member of ABA & I have learned so much about bronze bells thru reading the Bell Talk. So without Louise helping to publish these Hardback ABA volumes, I may never of found out about the ABA.

Please extend my condolences to her family & May She Rest In Peace! My Prayer & Best Wishes to all of her family!

Also the articles on Cast Iron bells I will run thru real fast because I do not collect them. All articles on bronze ship & church bells have my attention & interest! Bronze ship bells are my favorites!

I just rang one of my bronze USN ship bells in Louise Collins’ honor & I am sure she heard the 🙂 two beautiful loud peals!

Best Wishes,
Charles Duane Romero in So. California…