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Here is the rest of the information you were looking for Max!

Excluding the pattern of 3 pipes around the top of the bell and the single pipe and lip combo at the bottom, and the bumps from corrosion, the bell appears to be about 3 mm thick. Lip at the bottom is about 5mm thick as is the doughnut around the top hole.

The top hole is not uniform, but actually is quite pitted and has more removed from one side than the other. Also to be noted is a small pin hole near the bell edge on the top directly between the two brackets. Even under a magnifying lens I can’t tell if this is a deliberately punched hole or not. The metal does not appear to be sufficiently worn around it to be corrosion, but the hole is a ragged oblong when viewed from the bottom.

The lip around the center hole appears to be deliberately placed (reinforcement?). One of the top braces is slightly higher and more of a hump than the other. They do appear to have been be joined at the apex or something was there and broken off (like a rod across the top).

Corrosion is heavier inside than out. There is one more small pin hole on the side that I have found. The inside appears to be rougher, possibly it was less finished, than the outside. At a guess it was some sort of rough sand casting as there are globs of metal inside and smaller ones outside (that you thought were a symbol of some sort). The outside appears to have been smoothed down but the inside is very rough.