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Dr. Long I am amaze at the love you must have for bells. I appreciate you input to my post. A gentlemen form AR. purchased the bell yesterday. I am pleased to fine someone that will enjoy it for a long time. The large black steam whistle was made in Indianapolis IN. I do not have the year as yet. It was use on work boats or tugs. The bell was a single bell that was used on the Ohio Rover for singling others in the fog. The size of some river boats were quite large. They would hold 500 plus on the large ones at or around 1900. The life of a river boat back then was 6 to 8 years. The Delta Queen was a very noted steam boat that was used in Sacramento Ca. on the river. So it wold not shout down travel in bad weather, they put up wood walls in the turns of the river so the boats could navigate in the fog. The bell was used to make a sound and the look out could hear the rebound of the sound and he would direct the captain as to which was to steer the boat based on sound only.

Thanks again for your input