Hi Greg,
Gotta ring in on this one. Last month sent a four page review of a bell found on the Queen Anns Revenge to UNC. Underwater archaeology! what exciting fun. We need more information from your site log (note book). Was this found in a location of a known ship wreck, how long and wide is this thing, what depth was it found, does a magnet stick to it, from the curved body area you can determine the diameter (let is know), describe and size the protrusion, get all these things done and get back to us, also get a weight of this thing. I think Harry Long is on track. Long shot! might it be something the UWF mentor wanted you , or the class, to find for an exercise, you remember the chemistry class finals ( beaker of some liquid, find out the contents) remember that class Harry. Remember Greg, whatever you do, enjoy your project, please keep us informed. Max Kurillo