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Hi Josh,

Boy what a loaded question! Depends on what you mean ‘valuable’ as you are not only looking at intrinsic value but memories etc. Collections are always harder to sell, because most collectors already have some of the more common ones and obviously prefer to pick out the ones they don’t have. Someone to buy them all is much harder. You really would need to post larger photos to be able to tell from your set though – a lot look like they are souvenir type bells. In any case, post them to the “bells for sale” forum rather than this one. That way you are in the area where people are looking to buy.

Otherwise consider local paper ads to try and attract new bell collectors. Another choice is a collectables / vintage store – but remember that these folks are not generally collectors themselves. That means that; a) they may not recognize a more costly bell (don’t hold your breath, that would be unusual to have!) and b) they typically can only give you between 30-40% of the value of the collection. That is normal, as they have to pay rental, wages, utilities, have their money locked up until it sells, and then ‘hope’ to make a profit. Yes they are worth more, but you are giving up profit for convenience and a quick sale while they are taking the chance of maybe making a profit.

I, and others, might be interested in a few of them, but we would need to see better photos to choose which ones. So consider posting it in the sales forum!

Hope this helps!