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Hi jimbo37664, sorry to ring in so late. Harry is correct this is a bell made in Mexico starting, as far as I can research, in circa 1950 and perhaps as late as circa 1990. This is not a bell that was avaliable before or during the Civil War (CW). The dates on these Mexican type souvenir bells range from 1800 to 1890. The dates mean nothing. Now to the Civil War connection, the war was 1861-1865. This bell is dated 1811 fifty years before the CW. If true which side did it ring for? This war is no different than any other, what happens; all the bronze, brass etc. was collected for the war effort, and this bell lasted through the CW, WW 1, WW2, Korean War,etc, etc.!, nice story. If this was the case and can be proven through proven PROVENANCE you would have a bell that’s almost 200 years old, that is not the case 🙁 . If you really would like to follow this hobby of bell collecting and perhaps bell selling I would suggest starting out learing about the wonderful world of bells. You have a great start with this bell. When your read about the history and information about BELLS your response will be WOW. Every other month I get surprises on bell information and facts in The Bell Tower publication. The Bell Tower Index has hundreads and hundreads of exciting articles on every kind of bell you can think of. The information is almost endless and open to all kinds of research projects. I have four projects going at the same time and it’s more fun and exciting then any reality show on TV. Join our group and the American Bell Assoc. and have one heck of a lot of fun 😀 . Max Kurillo