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Terry, Those coin dealers and jewelers must be really good to look at a bell and tell if it has gold in it. Did they tell your friend how much gold is in the bell. With gold prices as they are today, melt that bell down and you will be rich!!! (dream on). The only way to get metal content information is to take a sample of the bell metal and analize it in a lab. The out side color means nothing. I am in contact with a person in Peru that claims he has a bell with gold in it because some professors told him the local Indians, 400 years ago, made bells with gold in them, because his bell looks old. I explained to him all the information about the bell and called it a Pruivan type souvenir bell, he was very un happy to say the least. As your friend might be. I might be wrong but this sounds like a Mexican type souvenir bell.
Max Kurillo