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Holly Barnes

I just thought I would take this opportunity to encourage other collectors tobe proud of their collections. Other than for our own joy what other purpose would there be to collect than to show others?

I personally enjoy seeing other people’s bells and hearing their stories and the internet is such a great invention! I have seen bells that are on the other side of the world, what a treat!

My collecting adventure began as a joke. My husband brought me a bell he bought at a yard sale, “for MY collection”. I didn’t have a collection! So a few weeks later I, the funny person I am, bought him a bell, for HIS collection. So it went for a while until we finally decided we had a collection! For a while after that we would rate our weekend on the number of bells we acquired, for example if we bought 6 bells over the course of the weekend we had a 6 bell weekend. Three thousand bells later we have become a little pickier about the bells we purchase. Our small home is decorated in bell and we have one room totally dedicated to bells, to the dismay of our son, it used to be his room.

We have 5 bookshelves a 3 tiered wallshelf (10 ft. long) and several other smaller shelves that display our bells.They grace the top of our kitchen cabinets, our dining table and other shelves we have hanging on the walls. They have become a large part of our lives, and we have so enjoyed collecting and fact finding, not to mention hearing about others bells. I have met several other people who collect on this site who’s friendship and knowledge I value greatly. I have chit chatted with antique store owners and people at yard sales and antique sales and estate sales, all of which are very interesting people.

OK, maybe I need to get a life, but I for one would love to hear about, and see your collection.

I am not able to post pictures directly to this site but if Carolyn is willing I will send her a couple of pictures to go with this post.