Neil Goeppinger

First, the correct name of the firm was Henry N. Hooper & Company, Boston. It was one of the successors to the Revere Foundry of Boston (founded by Paul Revere).

My sources of information for this firm are “That Vanishing Sound”, Edward Stickney of Bedford, Mass, and Winthrop Warren of Fairfield, Conn.

Bells were sold and advertised under the “Hooper & Co” name by this and several other firms and partnerships formed by William Blake over the course of his bell founding career (1820 – mid 1890’s). A bell with this name dated 1859 is in St Paul’s Methodist in Lynn, Mass, and one is in Old Round Church, Richmond, Vt. Another is in Congregational Church in Bluehill, Me dated 1841. Hooper died in 1865, and Blake evidentally had full control by then. Warren says this was a partnership of Henry N. Hooper, William Blake and Thomas Richardson.

The firm was in business from 1830 to (Warren says) 1868, but a bell dated 1877 is inscribed “formerly Henry N. Hooper” indicating either 1876 or 1877.

The successor to this firm was the Blake Bell Company.
— Neil Goeppinger