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This bell still has the hub of it’s rope wheel which indicates it was probably used atop a structure (church, school, etc). The yoke was repaired sometime but eventually someone dumped the bell in the river to get it out of the way. I would remove the yoke and discard it. This might take a lot of Liquid Wrench (penetrating oil) and patience. Have the bell blasted clean then mount it to a 4 by 4 wood post. If the clapper is not present a machine shop can make one to fit. The ball should be about 4 inches in diameter and strike the thickest part of the lip. The shop can probably fashion all the missing parts if you want to invest that much. If the bell is cracked, even a hairline, the sound is ruined and there is no point spending time or money in restoration. An intact bell will resonate, a cracked one will plunk.