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Robert Watrous


I haven’t written any books yet. I’ve been researching, and one day may write one, but I keep finding more questions I want answered the more I research! I doubt you’d find anything for this subject under blacksmithing. This is more of a machine shop issue. You would need a metal press and other machine shop type equipment to do a good job of making these. I’m sure you’d have to invest a small fortune to do these so they looked professional. You could otherwise make them by simply pounding your sheet metal into a void you created in a block of steel, and cutting out the openings with a dremel or such tool. The originals would have had the openings cut out with a die specially shaped. The tricky part is wrapping the two together at the seam. This would require some tool I am not familiar with. Perhaps someone else out there knows what it would be called. It would have to press and roll the edge. I looked into having reproduction steel wheels for the Watrous bell toys made. While the material is harder to work with it was a simple pressing operation. It was going to cost over a thousand to make a set of dies to make one wheel design. Then it was additional for each wheel made, and then add plating costs. Of course a die wears out also, so it’s only good for ? how many wheels before it’s back to making another. If you can buy old hawk bells at about 6 for $20 there isn’t much in the way of dollars and cents in making them. It would be cheaper to buy them unless you are planning on making thousands, or you’re just challenged. Life is good, Bob