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Robert Watrous

I saw the post and looked at the photos. I didn’t respond to the post right away
because I couldn’t add much to the discussion. While I’m familiar with the
early brass versions and the newer ones with the slotted holes for attaching
them to things, I’m not familiar with steel ones with the loop angled as in
your photos. I have the brass ones with the rounded hoops, and these were
used on some bell toys made in East Hampton CT. I also have a Sterling
Silver bell made in a similar way by Watrous Manufacturing Co. in Wallingford Connecticut.
My focus is on bell toys which occasionally used hawk bells, and
sterling silver bells by Watrous Manufacturing Co.. I just don’t have any
definitive information on the manufacturer or date of your angled wire
style. Keep us posted if you
find any info.

There is a sleigh bell collector and seller you may want to contact, DeeAnna Weed and Chuck Kelly at
http://classicbells.com/index.htm coyote@classicbells.com Perhaps they
have seen thses in a catalog.

I’ve attached a photo of a string of hawk bells I have in my collection. They have the rounded loop. Also attached is a bell toy by Gong Bell of the Captain and the Kids. One of the kids holds a hawk bell. As the toy is pulled across the floor the boy rocks and the bell rings.