Sorry, but I have no information on your bell. To me it looks like a Swiss or Austrian made animal bell. Only a close look would permit to say something about origin and date. You mentioned that you discovered the name of the village. So it should be easy to find its origin from there on.
Good luck in you bell collectiong effort.
Greetings from Germany
Manfred Bicker

@Maybell wrote:

Hi Glockensammler, I have an old cowbell as you describe with wonderful naive paintings on both sides and a leather strap with quillwork. The leather and quillwork desperately needs restoring, and some of the paint has been lost.
Are you sure about the date of 1920? I would have thought this bell is a lot older but I am no expert.
On the back it has a village scene with gorgeously cute naive cows chewing the cud with little bells around their necks, there is also a church, hills and the name of the village.
The bell is approx. 20cm across, 18cm high and 5 cm deep at the mouth. The strap is approx 9cm wide
Do you know where I could find out more about its history? I have found the village but I tried ‘googling’ the name on the quillwork to no avail.

Any info would be great.
Kind regards