Neil sent this information in response to a question about Gould’s Manufacturing Co. quite some time ago. I thought it should be posted for all to see.

The Gould’s Mfg Co was located at 60 Barclay, New York City, N. Y., and also for some time in Seneca Falls, N.Y. The years I know they were in business were 1887 and 1888. I’m sure they were in business longer than that given the number of bells they made. Gould’s also became a major maker of pumps. All their bells were made of iron, and iron school bells ran between 20″ and 28″ in diameter (school bells were cast thinner to give a higher ring so people didn’t mistake the sound of the school bell for the church or fire bell). I have never found a 30 iron school bell with the thinner wall. Now that said, I’m sure a number of smaller church bells found their way to a school during their life, just as many steam locomotive bells were donated to churches by railroads when their locomotives were scrapped, so those brass bells found a use for which they weren’t originally intended. — Neil