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A very nice bell. If you are going to remove it from the belfry for display don’t risk life or limb. It’s a job for a professional crane operator. Coffin must have sold his cherub/globe pattern to foundries down the river. I’ve seen it on bells cast in Madison, Indiana (Garret) and Louisville, Kentucky (Kaye). The 2-piece wheel, like yours, is seldom seen. Here’s an illustration of Cincinnati’s Buckeye Bell Foundry on Second St as it appeared in 1875. This is the building where your bell was cast. Later, the foundry moved east of downtown. The largest swinging bell in the world (at that time/1895) was cast there. The mouth was 9 feet across and the bell was named Big Joe (see photo). The eagle finial is impressive. Riverfront Stadium was built over the Second St area around 1970. The stadium was demolished a few years ago and I don’t know what is there now.