In rely to the email received from Carl Scott Zimmerman regarding the Presbyterian Church of Johnstown’s bell:
“Many thanks for posting the photo of the G.L.Hanks bell in your church. Can you possibly send me a larger photo, with as much detail as possible? There are some interesting comparisons to the work of G.W.Coffin, who operated a competing bellfoundry in Cincinnati, but I’d like to see more details before posting that information to the ABA Forum.”

The gentleman who climbed into the tower to take photos did take a total of 3 photos in the confined space and I’m attaching the two additional ones. On the close up one, if you look closely, above the decoration, you can fairly clearly see the by G. L. Hanks marking. On the second, which is not as close up, you can make it out there too.

Secondary to our bell, there was a church in Euclid, OH that burned recently and the Cleveland Plain Dealer posted an article about their bell which survived the devastating fire — which was also marked G. L. Hanks.
Thanks, Linda