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Wow that might be a great lead. I am also going to try local museum and library in nancy and surrounding “communes”.

Around the top are these names “Ludmile, Eugenie, Catherine, Rose, Agnes”

This bell has my whole family wondering. It’s great fun researching it.

I’m not sure but I think they could of been from the “commune” or township of Bouxieres aux-chenes.
From Internet Research-
The Baraban bell maker from Nancy received by contract the bell of the former church dated from 1836. The new bells were requisitioned by the german authorities in 1917.

From another internet article
The bells of the old church were certainly been reused, an average 900-pound bell was blessed in 1754 to complete the set. In 1842 the brothers Baraban, founders, Nancy, and originating Bouxières, created a new Bell.

Please keep feedback coming I am very new to all this and quite enchanted by bells now :)!