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Ann, To look at pictures it is quite hard to identify bells. Sometimes,there are all kinds of marks that are hidden or very small imbedded in the bell. So it will take some dective work on your part to find the clues and share them with us, make notes of what you do. You will need a small magnet and a good magnifing glass. Take a magnet and check ALL the various metal parts outside and inside the bell. Take a very close look at the handle and try to determine if coating colors are only on selective sections or at one time on the entire handle, this will be very time consuming, note everyhing. Look Inside the glass bell and see how the handle is attached to the bell. The metal handle might be glued on or it might have a threaded screw thru the glass, in which case try to unscrew the handle. If it is threaded just a drop of oil on the joints will loosen it up. When you have it apart look at the outside top of the glass are there any marks? Look at the bottom of the metal cap that fits on top of the glass, does it have any marks? Look at the hole in the glass is it drilled or cast with the glass, you might be able to tell by looking at the hole edges, are they sharp or rounded. If you meed help ask a Jewler or watch repair person the will have the proper tools. Let us know what you find and perhaps somone might be able to ID the bell. On the other hand there may not be anything find or to ID. Please let us know. No matter what the outcome, you have had fun , and know your bell inside and out.
Max Kurillo