New info from the Fredericktown area Historical Society. Originating in 1851, The Davis Rankin Bell Factory stood on the square which is now a parking lot. Called the FREDERICKTOWN BELL CO., It was sold to Will Cummings who ran the local lumber yard. In the 1880″s it was sold to James Benton Foote, and the name was changed to JB Foote Foundry. In 1913, Foote sold the Co. to Ralph Struble and Frank Zeig who continued to make bells along with concrete block machines, playground equipt., and cement mixers. An accountant, Guy V. Feam purchased the foundry in 1930. He improved the operation but died in 1940 and the company was taken over by his wife, Goldye, who along with with plant manager CR Ruggles greatly improved the foundrys operation. THE COMPANY IS STILL IN OPERATION TODAY UNDER THE NAME FOOTE FOUNDRY LLC iT IS OWNED BY FREDERICKTOWN NATIVE THOMAS UPDIKE. THE COMPANY NO LONGER PRODUCES BELLS. So it looks like you have one of the older bells .