I recently aquired a 16″ Fredericktown O. bell. Mine has raised letters at the bottom outside of the bell(the whole circumference of the bell) says “NEW COMPOSITION .BELL SECURED & MADE BY LD RANKIN FREDERICKTOWN O.” It was made by the LD RANKIN Co. They were founded in 1851. LD Rankin died in 1867, The companys name was later changed to LB Foote in 1912. That”s the info. I’ve received. That info may or may not totally accurate, But between bell enthusiasts and a Fredericktown museum and other sources it” pretty close. I”m new to the bell scene, but I”ve become totally ingulfed in this little bell and its history. At first there were dollar bills in my brain, but now I think I”m going to hang on to it. Hope I helped—BrightRed