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Rita Walker

Good Morning, Just looked at the pictures of your lady figurine bell. I have the identical bell. At the time I purchased it I identified her as an English lady wearing a COURT GOWN. However I considered that identification a bit questionable. I found her pictured in the 1925 Pearson-Page catalog of London. They called her “Henry III”. I found that impossible to believe because she looks all the world like a lady to me. She is carrying a fan in her right hand. Mine is 4″ tall, and marked “England” on the edge. The original clapper is a totally round solid brass ball with a hole in its tab top to accommodate the “s” shape hanging wire. That whole thing is attached to a “U” shaped wire that is cast up inside.
If you are a member of A.B.A. and/or one of it’s local Chapters you will surely find someone who can help you to identify a myriad of bells. These folks have been collecting and researching for years, and are always ready to share their knowledge.