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Hi again Garry, as the last post indicated this bell represents Queen Elizabeth I (1533-1603). She also is a very popular subject for hand bell manufactures and there are many figurine bells said to represent the old gal. – oops sorry anyone from the UK 😳

This particular pose is popular – and yes is still being made in Europe. A friend purchased a new one (quite nice detail) in Italy 2 years ago. However, the same version has been made since the 1950’s (that I know of) and you probably have a mid 20th century version due to the engraving.

Ok just a bit about Her Majesty:

Elizabeth I was born in 1533 to Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn. Although she entertained many marriage proposals and is said to have flirted incessantly, she never married nor had children. Elizabeth, the last of the Tudors, died at seventy years of age after a very successful forty-four year reign. (How’s that summary for covering 70 years of life?)

Anyway, for fun I have posted a copy of a painting of Queen Elizabeth I. You can see from the picture how the bell manufactures decided on a design for her dress.

Also posted is another version ( a bit older) of QE I – I have at least 4 wildly different bells said to be the same Queen.

Hope this has been helpful – keep collecting, & keep asking questions – the search is fun!

PS: Believe it or not the research can be fun too.