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Garry, The bell you have is quite like some of the very small bells that were found in prehispanic U.S southwest, northwest Mexico and Peru during circa 900-1200 AD. These were copper (some Cu. alloy) and made, as Harry as mentioned, by (cire perdu) the lost wax. Many archaeologist have reported on these “crotal” bells, of the prehispanic era, the trade, uses, culture, etc. I have a book that is translated from tha Aztec into English relating to making crotal bells. They are very well documented in the very old history of Arizona, New Mexico and Chihuahua Mexico. I cannot find crotal bells of the Han Dynasty, that does not mean they were not made. Ask the seller; When was it found? Where was it found? If an item (bell) is really found at a site then you can request a site name and item number that can be traced back to the dig. To the seller, “Han Dynasty” is more exciting than “old southwest history“. I believe you do not have a real Han bell or even a real prehispanic bell. But, It will look good in your collection. Max Kurillo