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Garry, Here is the place I mentioned http://www.ukdfd.co.uk/pages/crotal-bells.html.
I really think the sellers are victims of stories and only relate what they are told. OH!!!! how I can relate my good times in Canada back in the early 1960s, the swinging times in Medicine Hat. Back to bell talk. If you search archaeology bells, this may be one of your first items that will show up; H. C. P. Bell: Archaeologist of Ceylon and the …
since archaeology as a technical discipline was not an available option in. Bell’s youth, and all the great colonial archaeologists were self-taught, …
Note the last line, www……., click on that and JSTOR will come up and ask if you want to buy the article, right hand side of page, you get the first page free. The number is the stock # of the article. Sometimes the article is not for public sale, when you see JSTOR on the bottom line the article may be for sale, click and see. JSTOR has a 23+page index, you can down load, of all the publications they handle. Ordering is very easy and you get it PDF then copy it and save the response. Now you know how to get JSTOR. There are other stores that do the same thing, not as good as JSTOR. The publications JSTOR has is beyond belief . Have fun searching. If you ever want to sell the bell let me know at maxk@cox.net. Max