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Thanks Max!

I can’t get the information out of the seller, it’s another of the “came from an estate” deals. So no info available. If it is copper and not brass, it’s an unusual form as it does not show the patina I would expect from copper corrosion and does appear to be pretty strong. It does look like brass to me.

I am very leery of making an antiquity claim for this bell, unless I can find proof. I did find a line drawing of a similar Chinese bell from about 200 BC in that the clam shell shape was there, but the drawing indicated a more decorative design on it. The corrosion inside being the same as outside gives me pause too, but it is a cement like encrustation in strength and is on the clapper inside, which looks to be a gray pebble.

If I can find a closer match on the ‘design’ that would help. Even if it is a fake, I’d like to say what it’s a fake of!

I’ll look into the Northwest Mexico and Peru bells. I bought it from a seller in Ontario, Canada. He gives quite a “shpeel” about the Han Dynasty but nothing about the bell history.