I have just picked up a #3 bell that also appears to be a variant Eagle Bell. On one side of the yoke reads “Eagle Bell” | “Pat. July 23 1867”. On the other side of the yoke “E. Whitman and Sons” | “Baltimore.” I have found very little on this bell but I did follow the links found on bell talk to P.L. Weimer’s patent #67,006 for the bell ratchet mechanism which explains the counterweight on top (I believe what some folks thought to be an outside clapper). I believe that the E. Whitman and Sons in Baltimore is who had the bell made & sold through their store based on what I can find is that they were a southern agricultural warehouse. Any further information on this would be greatly appreciated. My bell’s rope arm has broken off the counter weight but I have found a picture of a complete counterweight and will use that for a repair. I am missing the gear from the top of the bell and would love if anyone has a picture of one so that I might recreate it. I do have the pawl intact. I am also missing the clapper, a weight & size would be great for my repairs. I would love to talk with other Eagle Bell owners & exchange pictures to bring these bells back to their glory.
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