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Hi Carolyn!

Oops! i wasn’t clear.

You are correct it doesn’t hang, we were only talking about the original intent of the base ‘sans dolphin’. The idea is that the base itself is recycled. Look at the base without the dolphin for a moment. Note it has two oval lozenges at either side at about the same distance apart as the screws in a typical house hold switch face plate. I would think that, when these units were molded, they would mold around the part where the button would go (to be pressed to ring the door bell) but would drill out the screw holes later. This is because the distance apart for the screws is slightly different in different countries (different electrical box standards). They would be drilled out in the lozenges at a distance apart accordingly, later, for the country to be sold in. It was no use putting decorations where they were just going to drill out the screw holes (on one end or the other of each lozenge) later anyway so they are left blank.

What we think has happened, is that somebody got a hold of a bunch of these ‘face plates’ for doorbells and has used them instead as a brass base for likely a few things, the dolphin bells being one. It certainly goes a long way to explain the oddness of that base unit! Such as the odd ovals on either side, and the big cut out circle in the center. (I think I personally would have put a nice piece of green glass or something there to disguise it more myself.)

The dolphin simply sits on it as if it were a statue which sits on a table or desk as in my first photo.

It was an excellent catch by Julia, as it certainly confused me since I had not considered the recycled idea at all. I get caught on that from time to time, such as the half bell item also posted that Harry recently kindly and gently points out to me is probably recycled too.