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Rita Walker

My husband Ralph and I owned a bell much like yours. It came from a Boston & Maine RR engine. We had tried for several years to obtain one of these bells, and when the B & M RR folded it’s president contacted us and said there was one available and we could pick it up at their yard nearby. After Ralph passed away I had to downsize and I presented this bell to our hometown Historical Society. They created a special place for it at the entrance to their “Walker** Transportation Musuem”, where it still rests today. They have one of the most extensive libraries on transportation I have ever seen, consisting of photos and text. I think you might like to contact them about your bell. Feel free to mention our name.

Beverly Historical Society
Walker Transportation Musuem
117 Cabot. St. Beverly, MA 01915

**It’s an appropriate coincidence that our names are the same.