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Charles in California wrote way back at the end of May:

I just read about the Solomon Davis bell casted in 1836. I would like to {Red Flag a possible safety concern}, on the use of manila hemp rope to hang the bell with. If the bell is 16 inches in dia. & 18 inches high, my guess is a 50 or 70 lb weight for this bell????? I could not find a weight, could they state the wt??????? The bronze crown @ the top of the bell will act like a knife blade resulting in the rope being cut-thru, weakening & falling. It may hold for some time but it will surely fail @ some point. It may crush a small pet dog or even crush a child. {Good Lord Forbid}. I have seen Murphys Law @ work many times & I recomend a 3 foot lenght of strong steel chain & a steel anchor shackle to be safe. You can find the steel shackles on the web-site E-bay. Look under lifting pulleys or chain hoists. Also look under marine hardware. This is cheap insurance for hanging a heavy bell!!!!!!!!!…. If you do not want to spend the money on a shackle you can use a steel bolt threaded @ one end with a bolt-head @ the other end. Use 2 lg washers & two nuts tighten together to form a locking cap. I m sure Dr. Long would agree with me on being safe than sorry. I personally would not put my trust in a piece of rope for such a heavy bell!!!!!!!!! All of my bz 23 lb ship bells are hung with steel chain & steel anchor shackles for my peace of mind. I hope this suggestion will be helpful & prevent an accident!!!!!!!!! Best/Wishes Charles in So. California…..

My apology goes to Charles for having lost his email in “the pile.”
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