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Thanks Carolyn!
I am not intending to give offense of any sort – and I certainly agree that there are conflicting interpretation possibilties. I simply am bringing up what I, in my newbie ignorance, see as inconsistencies that may possibly shed new light when viewed again after time has passed and more data comes forth. I guess my two biggest concerns in identifying this bell are the hat (famous persons are not, from what I have been able to discover, typically portrayed with such plain head gear – unless they are actors portraying a part) and the way the dress is being held. It suggests either stepping through dirt or dancing, Jenny was a singer and dancing did not go much with singing back then from what I have been able to find out. They were more formal in the presentation of vocals. I have labeled the bell Jenny Lind but am continuing my research to resolve these two (in my mind anyway) inconsistencies.

I was also particularly intrigued about your comment on Madame Pompadour, as I have just bought a bell supposedly of her. I’ll post it here when it arrives to get your opinion. The seller basically told me that his bell collecting friends identified it that way.

I do value the opinions of the members here and hope that they are patient with me while I learn.