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Oops, missed Harry’s comment just before Carolyn’s.

Thanks Harry!
Yes I noticed that the dress pattern was consistent with Jenny’s in a couple of images, most showed her much more fancily dressed though. I am not as familiar with the underpinnings of female dress 😳 back then, as I could be I guess. I suppose that a half or three quarter hoop arrangement would permit the dress to be lifted as it is depicted, I would think that a full length hoop arrangement would preclude a half moon lift of the hem though. But as I say, I don’t know the dress construction that well.

I have been Googling Jenny and have seen a few photos of her dressed plainly, but not on stage so much and never with a hoop skirt with a plainer dress and never with a plain bonnet. Her formal dress pictures all show either a multi style hoop dresses (upper different than lower and differing patterns) and either no head gear or very fancy hats. Her more plain dress depictions are all without hoops and no hat or an odd one with a ‘flat top’ hat style. So I am wondering about the hat style (a maid’s bonnet) with a hoop skirt arraignment with a single pattern. I am thinking that this is either a very unusual ‘simplified’ depiction of a notable (Jenny) -[ not typically done by manufactures of that era they tend to want the fanciest depictions ] or [what the bell collectors in England are telling me ] a dressed up milkmaid (worker or class bell) dancing at a party.

As I mentioned to Carolyn, I certainly do respect yours and other more experienced members opinions, so I have marked the bell as Jenny. But if I don’t ask the questions, even if they may be silly, I’ll never learn the details of bell identification from the experts like you two!