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15 years ago I fixed a Rumsey& Co no8 bell that was cracked in the sound bow. The bell made an aweful crash bunk” sound before I fixed it. I took a thin 7 inch grinder and ground all way through the bell as I followed the crack. I went 2 inches past the crack and the sound was restored. Three quarters of its tone is restored. The gap is close to one fourth of an inch wide. They have rung this bell most every Sunday for 15 years and it has never changed tone. The mistake they made with the liberty bell I believe was those spikes driven in the crack (gap) The spikes made more stress on it when the clapper hit the sides. If they had left those spikes out, there would not have been stress on it. That’s my theory and to back it up, that cast iron alloy Rumsey bell is proof. I may buy the no 30 and try that on it too. If it works again, the only thing would be a cosmetic issue.