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This is a typical cast brass or bronze Swiss Cow Bell. It is called a Glocken Bell. They come in sizes from 2″-12″ diameter.The cheaper, Treichel Swiss Cow Bell is a shaped sheet steel bell and brass dipped of varying sizes with a similar wide leather belt to attach it to the animal’s neck. The former have a musical sound and the latter has a clunky sound. In 1960, following the Luray, VA ABA Convention, my Grandfather purchased several similar bells from Willy Staub, a dairy farmer from Winchester, VA who had bells of various size cast in his homeland, Switzerland, for use on his dairy cattle. He indicated that it was common to place a bell of 1 pound for every 100 pounds of animal. With a herd of cattle, the melodic sound of the bells reminded him of is homeland. He believed that the music calmed the cows and resulted in higher milk yield. The clapper is cast steel on a thick wire and is attached to a steel shank that penetrates the crown of the bell from a steel loop through which the leather strap is placed. More elaborate show bells often included colored felt on the strap. The graded Saingelier Swiss Cow Bells that were produced by Bevin in America were a similar design and were regularly sold from the 1890s through the 1960s. For modern Swiss Cow Bells you may wish to view the following website http://www.swisstraditions.com/bells/bells.html .
Harry Long, MD