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Hi all, jest had to remark about this bell and strap attachment. This bell looks like some of the ones that Winston Jones had in his museum. There were 20-30 of various sizes and shapes hanging and a few without attachments. This bell is quite beautiful, with sharp clean lines. We have only one view and incomplete lettering to draw conclusions from. We do not know where the oval marker is located or what it looks like. The remark of “dating the leather strap to the bell date” is playing it loose. This brings up a question, is this leather strap original to the bell? When was it put on the bell? The date of 1948 could refer to any number of things, a personal date (birth, wedding, lottery winning), maybe a organization date (start of business, first million, bankruptcy), or a holiday, not necessarily the year it was made. It could mean anything. The branches with seven leaves could be meaningful, and require some research. The shield and cross seems to indicate Swiss culture. The wording is German but it is not an indication this bell was made in Germany, Switzerland or any German speaking country. It could have been made 10-20 years ago in Iceland, Peru or China. In this age, Iceland makes souvenirs in Spanish, Peru makes souvenirs in Arabic, and China makes souvenirs in English. Where it was made we will probably never know. Another question is; was this bell, roll formed or cast? This brings up a whole new subject of bell analysis. The branches look like they were brazed onto the body, a more careful look at these is in order. How is the strap handle secured to the bell?. How is the clapper secured to the inside top (this could indicate a replaced clapper)?. Was it a cow bell? Does the leather smell of cow? I think it’s to nice to be a cow bell. To indicate that this bell is a cow bell is like saying that every dog in Switzerland has a keg of brandy around it’s neck. If cows wore all the alleged “cow bells” we claim there would be the sound of music in all the hills and glens in the world. Perhaps this is part of a set of “year dated bells” that would be hung during holiday calibrations. If this were the case then most likely all the other dated bells (of the series) would have the same inscription, something to look for. I think this is a charming bell to be hung and enjoyed, surrounded by the mysteries of its origin. Max Kurillo