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I have a 5″ “Colonial 1832 Colonial 1920” with “D” handle. There is a brass “D” handle on top, attached by a round iron bar (it has a rust patina inside the bell) which appears as a “rose head” (beaten to spread it slighty to hold it in position) on the center top surface of the bottom of the D. The other end of that bar is an “eye” formed by bending the bar in a perfect circle. The clapper threaded onto that “eye” is a cast iron 4-branched star on stalk, with a closed eye at the top of the stalk. Each branch about 1 inch long. There is an outlined half circle in the center of the star, but I can’t tell if there’s anything definite inside that figure. There is light rust patina on this assembly as well as on the formed eye bolt on which it hangs.

I think this is most likely the original clapper assembly and “D” handle attachment. The bend of the eye starts within one sector of the 4-clover”cut-out” cast into the inside top of the bell, as others have noted…it’s not going to turn loosely within the bell. It’s fixed so the “Colonial” on each side of the bell will be to the sides as worn on a leather neck strap, with one of the dates facing to the front, and the other facing to the animal.

It has a bright, sharp ring that would carry very well in the pasture.