Silver polish is abrasive and will remove silver from the surface each time the bell is cleaned. For sterling silver bells, this will reduce the detail of the bell over time. For silver plated bells, polish will eventually remove the silver plate down to the base metal, usually brass or bronze. If you need to remove tarnish, use a silver dip. This is a chemical dip similar to photographic hypo that will reduce the tarnish chemically to the base silver and will not damage the bell. It can be obtained at most jewelry stores, department stores, and hardware stores. The chemical dip has a sulfuric odor and is quite irritating to the skin, so you should use it in a well ventillated space and handle the bell with latex or vinyl gloves. Once the tarnish is removed, the bell can be stored in a tarnish proof flannel bag (available at most jewelry stores and department stores). If you wish to display the bell, you will need to regularly clean the bell in silver dip to prevent tarnish from returning.
HJLong, MD