Carolyn Whitlock

I’ve just come across the website of Jeffrey Herman, a professional silver restorer and conservationist. He includes a great page on the Care of Silver. You can find it at http://www.hermansilver.com/care.htm. He has a section on Basic Silver Care, Additional Advice for Flood Victims, Cleaning Silver, Never Use Toothpaste as a Silver Polish, Chemical Dips, Electrochemical (Galvanic) Reduction, etc. He also says to keep the silver out of the dishwasher and tells why.

There was a surprise on page http://www.hermansilver.com/sanitizer.htm where he talks about finding a new way of removing tarnish: liquid, non-abrasive, unscented, aloe-free hand sanitizer such as Purell!

I haven’t tried it but I did find this interesting and thought I’d share.