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Holly Barnes

Here’s the latest update on the christmas bells saga. Thanks to Carolyn I was able to contact another ABA member who has a collection of similar bells she purchased in the 1980’s from “The Bell Collectors Club”. She said she has a different type of display case and thought there were 30 or so bells, though not christmas bells. She thought she paid $18-$20 each for them and when she had completed her set she discontinued her membership.

I have concluded that Garry is most definately right about the “Club” thing. Most likely they were an “on paper” type club solely for the purpose of selling these sets of bells. Once the bell orders dried up so did the club.

Questions still remain, however. I am still curious as to how many of these full collections are out there and what their current value is as they (in my opinion) look to be high quality bells.

I am open to any suggestions and/or discussions anyone has toward this subject.

Much thanks to Garry & Carolyn