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Absolutely quality pieces! Look at the factories that made them!

It was a very interesting idea, they get pieces made for them, one each from the major factories of the world. The factories get to show off their work and essentially get ‘free’ advertising to people who might not ordinarily think to buy their product. So you get a unique piece and a taste of each factory’s workmanship targeted to buyers of your type of wares!
Wish I had thought of it!

They appear to have done this in two types of bell styles, the ones I found with handles and the ones you own which hang from loops. It will be interesting to try and get prices on it – I’d watch the auction sites for that.

There is another thing you might try, and it might possibly give you more bells for your collection! Because it involves a retail site and bell sales, I’ll send the idea to you via e-mail.

Good luck with it!