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Humm, I have a sneaking suspicion, from what I surmise from the fact that the Danbury Mint is essentially a mail order resale company and that (from what you say) the Collector’s Club was ‘also’ based out of Danbury, that you are looking at a ‘paper club’ (i.e. probably no membership dues, or meetings etc.) that was possibly run by the Danbury Mint themselves. Likely you simply were on a registration mail list to be notified when a new bell edition came out and the mint probably produced a few new ones each year until interest waned.

It would explain why you can’t contact or find members or information of such a club right now, if it were little more than a mailing list that Danbury Mint maintained for pre-sales. As I recall, this was the Vogue back in the 80’s, and they all had a cutesy name. So your members would be anyone who wanted on the list and I some how doubt that it was exclusive – you could probably also simply buy them off the catalog too, just as you can buy other material from the website today.

The only ‘exclusive’ type clubs I can think of back then were ones like Avon who had special collection runs for those who sold the product for them. Interestingly there were also a few such as the Hummel collectors club that did the same thing, but again you had to actually pay to join. But I believe those types were the exception to the rule, tended to be for a very high end product line, and did not limit themselves to a single subset (such as Christmas bells only). Even the Hummel ones were primarily for re-sellers from what I have been able to see, hence the ‘dealer plates’ etc.

Can you group your certificates by date? For example if you find that each year only has a maximum of 6 examples, it would give you an idea as to how many ‘sets’ were made and what the total number likely is. (in my example you would be looking at one issued every couple months. If you had a year set of only 4 then you would probably be able to find two more from that year.) On the other hand,Twenty five, if all were grouped as no more than 5 of the same date, suggests a 5 year run of 5 bells, and you would have them all.

You would probably have more luck collecting information on the manufacturers themselves.