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Holly Barnes

The MBI makes sense because in one corner of each of the certificates is marked MBI 1987or 1988. I think that is the year they were offered. (I never said I was quick 😳 )
I think what I am looking for is some specifics about the set. What it sold for, who & how were the people “selected” to be able to buy them and what happened to “The Christmas Ornament Club” that moved them from Danbury, Connecticut.
I would assume that being a complete set would make them worth more than individual bells.
The Kaiser bell certificate says about their bell in this set “This charming bell is an original design found only in the Christmas Bells Of the World’s Great Porcelain Houses”. Each of the certificates repeats that their bell was specifically made for this set. That makes me wonder how many sets were made.
The certificate also goes on to give a history of the porcelain maker. For instance Kaiser was originally founded by August Alboth and the name was changed when his son married a daughter of the House of Kaiser which is commemorated in the company’s trademark “AK”. Which symbolized the joining of the two porcelain-making families.
Other names in the set are: Hutschenreuther, Eminence Ludwig, Jaeger, Kronach, Krautheim, Gerold Porzellan, Bareuther, Reutter, Scherzer, Parbus, Schwartzenhammer, Sunrise, Royal Tara, Royal Franconia, Endo China, Wedgewood, Harleigh, Poole, Yamakuni, Masutomi, Royal Mosa, Limoges Castel, Konig Porzellan & Lindner. I would be glad to pass on any information I have about any of these companies to anyone who wants to know about any of them.