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Wow ‘Discovery’ That first one is the same as mine! I notice the other “cat & fiddle” is named as such. Do you have any history on yours that would indicate the subject(s)? Is it ‘artistic license’ at play and we have Lewis Carol’s ‘Cheshire cat’ in unusual poses or something else?

Another Question: Do you believe it to be a bottle opener?

I tried mine that way and there is simply no way the loop fits over the bottle cap in any fashion, to act as a bottle cap opener. Either the bottles in England are a lot (like 1/2 the size) smaller than the North American standard or this is only a hanging loop of some sort. (Sorry Harry, it simply does not fit a standard bottle top edge.) The hole is simply too small to get the edge of the cap far enough in to catch it’s lip.

I look forward to hearing your response.