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Hi MRrobles3,
Welcome to our wonderful bell site. What do we have here?, something new has been presented, a different shade of lipstick on a pig. No I am not calling your bell a pig only a verbal expression. Harry you are correct. This is one of the Mexican type souvenir bells, made circa 1950, that has parts missing and has been altered with this Serna type bell as a clapper and painted or plated gold color, end of message. The dates that these bells have on them are random, and to indicate that they are related to a historical event would be an insult to history. This is a nice little bell, it’s worth only what you paid for it. With a slight addition of a screw eye at the top you can hang it and enjoy it for years. Make up stories about it or ask guests, after a few drinks, to make up stories. But most of all enjoy it, after all it is over 50 years old.
Max Kurillo