I have spoken with the nice man from Prindle Station about these bells. Unless something has changed, he cannot help you except for information. They make the smaller bells; this one is over 150 pounds with the base and is quite substantial in size. He (the man at Prindle) indicated when I spoke with him that the patterns for these bells were destroyed by fire over 50 years ago.


I have the same bell in great condition although I know from emailing you in the past that yours is older than mine. I can help with drawings and pictures if they will help, but I am afraid I do not have any suggestions about where to have the bell repaired. I have included the pictures I took when my bell was sandblasted 2 years ago. They are a bit fuzzy; I can take new ones if needed. It shows the measuring tape stretched from end to end across the yoke. ABout 27″ in total.