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Yes, Michael, I received the pictures. I apologize for the delay in getting them posted. Here they are:

Michael wrote:

We are helping restore an 1859 stone schoolhouse. The “current” bell has “C S Bell 4 Hillsboro Ohio” on the yoke. It has the A-frame mounting brackets but we have photos of the school that show a wheel as well. Can anyone provide an approximate age for the bell and whether this is the bell that would have had a wheel?

The first 2 are of the C S Bell number 4 bell which is in storage while a new belfry is constructed as the old 1859 stone schoolhouse is restored. The third photo is a bell we just learned about that was found in the early 1950s in a barn not far from the schoolhouse. It most closely matches the earliest known photos we have of the building once a belfry had been built – the earliest photo shows the building with no belfry.

We’re beginning to wonder if the C S Bell bell was perhaps purchased from an antique dealer to replace a missing bell, perhaps in the late 1930s.

We also have a third bell which supposedly was hanging in the belfry but was removed because it was too heavy and was later remounted in a ceremonial yoke around 1963 to honor a long-serving principal.

Another local resident says his family has the bill of sale from his grandfather who taught at the school from 1888-89. He supposedly used his first paycheck to buy a bell to replace one that was missing.

In short, we’re now up to our ears in bells and bell stories and are trying hard to sort things out.

We even have the New York State Library in Albany checking the records of Meneely and Kimberly to see if there’s any record of a sale in our area.

Anything you or your members can contribute would be greatly appreciated!

If you can help, please post a response.

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